This product is used to coagulate soy milk to make it into Tofu Flower (豆花). Tofu Flower is a
semi-solid gel-like material that many people like to eat. It tastes very delicious.

In Chinese restaurants, a small bow of Tofu Flower costs $3-$5. Using this Tofu Coagulant,
you can make 4-5 bows of Tofu Flower from each pot of soy milk made from any brand of
automatic soy milk makers for your entire family to enjoy for a few cents.

The Tofu Flower can be further made into tofu. This is done by removing some of the water
from the Tofu Flower using a cheese clothe.

The 100 gram pack Gourmet Tofu Coagulant contains enough coagulant to aggregate 25
gallons or 75 liters of soy milk into Tofu Flower! Since almost all soy milk makers regardless of
brands produces 0.5 gallon or 1.5 liter of soy milk each time, the pack is enough for 50 uses

Different from nigari, which is used to make firm tofu, Gourmet Tofu Coagulant makes
Japanese style soft tofu. Nigari is a mixture of magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate and
potassium chloride extracted from sea water. Gourmet Tofu Coagulant uses gluconolactone
which is produced from glucose. While both nigari and gluconolactone are used in modern
tofu factories to make firm and soft tofu in large scale, only gluconolactone can be used to
make Tofu Flower for the following reasons:

  • First, addition of a small amount of Gourmet Tofu Coagulant produces a beautiful,
    completely smooth and homogeneous semi-solid gel. In contrast, addition of nigari
    into soy milk produce a mixture of small pieces of tofu and water no matter how much
    nigari is added.

  • Second, nigari has a distinct bitter taste (the word “nigari” is related to the Japanese
    word for bitterness, “nigai”). In particular, magnesium sulfate gives it the bitter taste.
    This is not a problem when nigari is used for making tofu since the nigari in the water
    is largely removed. However, the bitterness is too strong when nigari is used for
    making Tofu Flower. Gourmet Tofu Coagulant has no such bitter tastes at all

Key Features

  • 100 gram per pack
  • Enough to coagulate 25 gallons or 75 liters of soy milk
  • Perfect for making Tofu Flower
  • Prefect for making Japanese style soft tofu.
  • Used in factories to make soft tofu.
  • Superior to nigari

3 easy steps to make Tofu Flower

  • Step 1: Prepare 0.5 gallon hot fresh soy milk using our Gourmet Soy Milk Maker

  • Step 2: Dissolve 0.5 tsp (not TBS!!!) (~2 gram) coagulant in 3 tsp hot water in a big

  • Step 3: Pool 0.5 gallon hot soy milk into the container. Pool forcefully and don't stir.
    Wait for 5-10 minutes. The milk should solidify within 5-10 minutes, forming a smooth,
    homogenous, semi-solid gel called Tofu Flowers.

  • Tofu Flower tastes best with ginger and brown sugar. The sugar and ginger should be
    boiled together in  water first, then poured on top of the Tofu Flower. If you add
    sugar powder to Tofu Flower directly, you would have to stir it, and the nicely formed
    gel structure will be disrupted.

3 easy steps to make Tofu Flower into Japanese style soft tofu:

  1. Transfer Tofu Flower (prepared as described above) into the bottom part of the Tofu
    Box lined with cheese clothe
  2. Press the top part of the Tofu Box against the Tofu Flower to remove water. Wait for
    10-15 min to let cool down and solidify into Tofu.
  3. Enjoy your home-made tofu.
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